CNC Machining - Form Steel

CNC Machining

We pride ourselves in our high precision machining capabilities. Proficiency at holding very tight tolerances and machining complex geometric shapes keeps our customers coming back. Accustomed to working with a large variety of materials, we can create your parts using Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Plastic and other materials.

EDM Engraving Electrode Embossing

EDM (Die Sinking)

Many years in the mould making industry will ensure that your EDM needs are fulfilled to your satisfaction, whether it is a simple Hex Key pocket or an intricate 3D shape. We make our own electrodes according to your requirements. We also use this method for creating embossed text in Stamping Dies.

Engraving Electrode


We can engrave your parts for you. We also create embossed lettering for custom Stamping Dies often with letters as small as .050″ high. Using our CAD program we can provide the CAD files required for your needs.

CAD Design

CAD Design

Our specialty is designing and building fixtures for CMM and Visual Measuring systems. We also do design work for R & D purposes. We can take your concept into reality while you watch over our shoulder and direct us. Let us take your idea and create a 3D part for you.

FormLabs Form 2 Desktop 3D Printer

3D Printing

Coming in January 2016, we will be providing 3D Printing services using a Stereolithography (SLA) Printer. The Form 2 Desktop 3D Printer by FormLabs can create your products from various photo polymer resins including clear, tough, white, grey, flexible and castable. The castable resin is very useful for anyone needing metal parts cast using the investment casting method.

Click here to watch the video about the amazing 3D Printer.

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